The Hockaday School is an Equal Opportunity Employer and offers equal employment opportunity to all applicants for employment and all employees without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, genetic information, veteran status, military service, application for military service, or any other status protected by applicable law. An applicant who does not meet the minimum qualifications of the position(s) for which he or she applies will not be considered for employment. If you need a reasonable accommodation to complete this application, interview for the position, or otherwise participate in the hiring process, please notify us.

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THE FOLLOWING QUESTION UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE READ AND/OR DISCUSSED THE JOB DESCRIPTION FOR THE POSITION(S) FOR WHICH YOU ARE APPLYING. Are you able to perform the essential functions of the position(s) for which you are applying, with or without a reasonable accommodation?*
Are you able to travel if the position requires that you do so?*
Employment Desired*
How did you find out about this position?*
Have you previously worked for The Hockaday School?*
What date are you available to start?


Did you graduate from High School?*
Did you attend any College or Universities?*
Do you hold any educator licenses or certifications?*
Have you ever had a professional or occupational license or certification suspended or revoked, or voluntarily surrendered such a license or certification, due to an allegation of abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct? *


Current or Most Recent Employer Address
Please list starting date and ending date
May we contact your Current or Most Recent Employer?
Previous Employer Address
Please list starting date and ending date
May we contact your Previous Employer?
Have you ever been terminated, asked to resign, not offered a contract for the following academic year, or otherwise separated from employment against your wishes (not including a layoff or reduction in force for economic reasons)? *
Have you ever been the subject of an internal investigation by an employer or been disciplined by an employer (e.g., verbal or written warning, paid or unpaid suspension) due to an allegation or finding of abuse, neglect, or sexual misconduct? *
Have you signed any agreements with your current or former employers that impose any restrictions on your work for others (this includes, but is not limited to, agreements regarding confidentiality, non-disclosure, non-solicitation of students, families or employees, or non-competition)? If yes, please provide a copy of the agreement(s).*
Are you currently engaged in any business activity including, but not limited to, acting as an employee (including self-employment), director, officer, consultant, or agent or in any other capacity with any business, that may potentially be in conflict with your duties at the School, if you are hired? (Note: If you are employed by the School, you may not engage in any outside business activities that would interfere with your performance or present a conflict of interest. Outside employment will present a conflict of interest if it has, or potentially has, an adverse impact on the School.) *


Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3


Have you ever been convicted of a felony offense?*
Are you legally authorized to work in the United States?*
If a job is offered, will you be able to provide verification of your legal right to work for any employer in the United States? *
A background check is a pre-requisite for employment with The Hockaday School. Are you able to satisfactorily comply with this?*


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Suggested documents such as transcripts or letters of recomendation
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I certify and affirm that all of the information provided in connection with the application process, including the information provided on this application for employment (“Application”) and any résumé submitted, is true, accurate, and complete, and that I have not withheld any information that would, if disclosed, affect this application unfavorably.  I understand that any omission, misrepresentation, or falsification in connection with this application process may be grounds for denial of employment or, if I am hired, immediate termination of my employment, regardless of how or when discovered.  I understand that failure to complete this application for employment may result in my disqualification from eligibility for employment.

I authorize The Hockaday School (the “School”) to investigate all information related to my Application in order to determine my qualifications for employment, and I understand that such investigation may include contacting any person or entity listed on this Application and/or any of my former and/or current employers and other relevant individuals and entities.  I authorize all persons and entities having information relevant to my application to provide any and all information to the School, on their own initiative and/or at the request of the School.  I expressly release and agree to hold harmless the School, its employees, agents, attorneys, and all the persons and entities with whom the School may discuss, review or share such reference information, from any actual and potential claims or liabilities arising out of or as a result of the request for, provision of, or use of any and all information regarding me.  I understand that any offer of employment may be rescinded, or my employment terminated, if any information regarding me is inadequate or unacceptable to the School or if I violate any of the provisions of this Certification.  

I understand that completion of this Application does not assure me of a position with the School.  I also understand that neither this application nor any other document constitutes a contract of employment for a specific term and that any employment relationship that may be established will be “at-will.”  As such, any employment relationship I may have with the School may be terminated at any time, with or without notice, for any reason or no reason, by me or the School.  I understand that no representative of the School, other than the Head of School, has the authority to enter into any agreement for employment with me contrary to the foregoing.  I further understand that if I am hired by the School, I must abide by all rules and policies of the School which, other than the “at-will” employment policy, may be changed without notice at the sole discretion of the School.

I also understand that any offer of employment, and continued employment, are conditioned upon the satisfactory completion of a background check, including but not limited to criminal history background checks, sex offender database checks, fingerprinting, motor vehicle records checks, educational background checks, reference checks, drug testing, and credit checks, as determined in the sole discretion of the School.  

I understand that information, data, and records provided or disclosed by or on behalf of the School or that I otherwise learn in the course of dealing with the School shall be deemed confidential and/or proprietary information.  I understand that no right or license, either expressed or implied, is granted to use or disseminate any confidential and/or proprietary information.



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Thank you for your interest in The Hockaday School. 

In addition to your online application, Pursuant to Texas Education Code section 21.009, applicants must complete a Pre-Employment Affidavit for Applicant Form. You will be redirected to read and complete this necessary form in order to be considered for employment at The Hockaday School.

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